The Problem

This Is Electric recently won a tender with the Ministry Of Education to build a new school block at Beachlands School, working under South Base Construction.

This project involved linking two buildings together and fitting them with a new transformer and new main distribution boards.

Working with a construction company meant that everything we did had to be coordinated as many different tradespeople were working on the project simultaneously.

Our Involvement

Our team knows it can be challenging to have a project involving many trades as it’s vital that all disciplines align their work to ensure timelines are met. So we knew our team had to go in at the right time and collaborate with the other teams involved with the projects.

Our team had regular site meetings, liaisons with people on site and from other trades, and constant communication with site managers and architects to ensure we were helping to support the project’s timeline.

Supply issues and a time restraint provided complications on this project, meaning that the team needed to work weekends and evenings to finish the job on time. There were also lots of pushbacks and changes we had to make along the way. Because of these changes, This Is Electric had to be flexible, efficient, and reactive to customer needs.

Covid also proved a sizable obstacle on this job as sections of the building were constantly paused while teams were off work sick. This persistent problem significantly slowed down the project.

To be as safe as possible, This Is Electric followed our own Covid protocols, including pre-site visit checklists, processes when employees were sick, and wearing PPE gear.


The project has been completed to a high standard and handed over to the client, who was very happy with the outcome.

Our team loved working with South Base Construction, and we were delighted with the work our team produced.


If you are planning a large project where many different trades will need to collaborate, you should always choose This Is Electric for your electrical needs. Our team communicates well internally and with other tradespeople, works hard, and has the knowledge and experience to get the job done to a high standard.

You can trust This Is Electric to work well with others so that you can rest easy knowing your project is in safe hands.