The Problem
Customers often think they have a particular problem, but when a professional looks under the hood, they can identify much more significant issues.

Our team got a call about a suspected fuse trip in a switchboard, which had caused the customer to lose power.

In cases like these, we get one of our electricians out on site as quickly as possible so that the customer can return to their daily lives.

However, once our electrician arrived, they discovered the problem went beyond a tripped fuse.


Our Involvement
We discovered that a rat had actually chewed through one of the cables, which had caused her power outage. This would be a mere inconvenience that could be easily remedied in some cases. However, it was a bit more serious in the case of this particular customer.

Our electricians realised that the customer had an old, out of date switchboard, something which isn’t entirely uncommon for New Zealand. The most glaring issue was that these older switchboards aren’t fitted with Residual Circuit Breakers (RCDs). RCDs are specifically designed to protect against electrical shocks and electrical fires, especially if there’s a fault.

RCDs continually monitor the electricity flowing between circuits. If an RCD detects a fault, it automatically switches off the broken circuit, stopping the flow of electricity and keeping homes safe.

Since our customer’s switchboard didn’t come equipped with an RCD, the case of a curious rat mistaking an electrical cable for food left her and her home vulnerable to an electrical fire.

Luckily, our electricians got in before that happened.


The Outcome
We upgraded our customer’s switchboard, so she is now protected from unnecessary disaster.

This isn’t an isolated incident for our team. We often come across switchboards that need to be upgraded, and we often find that homeowners are aware of this but don’t fully realise the consequences of not doing so. For the safety of a home, it is vital that these old switchboards be upgraded.

The team at This is Electric takes any electrical faults seriously, especially if they prevent people from carrying out their day. In this case, we got back to the customer straight away with a quote and our recommendations. We carried out the job safely and to a high standard, so our customer can now safely live in her home without electrical fault disruptions.