The Problem

We were employed on a job installing heat pumps for a set of townhouses in East Tamaki to get them up to Healthy Homes Standards. But we quickly discovered that installing traditional heat pumps in these units would be impossible.

Our Involvement

Our team devised a solution that we could use panel heaters instead, as these ticked the box for Healthy Homes Standards. While there, we realised that the extractor fans were also not up to date, so we replaced these with fans that met the standards. The Healthy Homes Standards state that fans must either vent air outside or have continuous mechanical ventilation that meets specific criteria.

Our team also installed range hoods above the kitchen and did a general check-up to see if we could find any other issues that needed fixing to keep the landlords and tenants happy. These fixups involved changing lightbulbs and upgrading lights.


As often happens, after solving the initial problem, our team discovered many other property issues we were able to fix. This was a fantastic outcome for the property manager and tenants as we were able to bring the properties up to standard, reduce potential risks, and make changes that would save the properties from being non-compliant (something which can get very expensive).

What may seem simple and easy to fix to us is because we’re great at what we do. We are the experts, so if you call us out, we’re not going to send Dave wandering around. We know what’s wrong instantly, and that’s why property managers love what we do.


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