We have previously reviewed what you need to know about heat pumps – the nitty-gritty of how they operate and the benefits they bring to homes. But some are still hesitant to let go of their old electric heater. So, let’s take a closer look at how heat pumps can heat your home without burning a hole in your wallet.


The real costs

While the convenience of a portable heater might seem appealing, they’re a lot like putting a band-aid over a burst pipe. Convenient? Yes. Effective? No. The same goes for wood burners, wood pellet burners, and flued gas heaters.

The best way to understand the efficiency of a heat pump is to look at the cost of a heating appliance by the unit heat released (kWh). According to the EECA:

  • A flued gas heater of 4 or more stars can cost up to 55 cents per kWh
  • An electric heater can cost up to 40 cents per kWh
  • Wood burners can cost over 20 cents per kWh
  • Wood pellet burners can result in costs of nearly 30 cents per kWh

If installed and optimised for efficiency by an experienced professional, heat pumps can cost less than 20 cents per kWh.

Some might be deterred by the initial cost of purchasing and installing a heat pump. However, it’s important to consider the long-term cost savings.

You should also consider the other beneficial features included with heat pumps, like timers. Easily controlled from the remote or your phone, you can set specific times for your heat pump to turn on. While we would all love to have heating run through our homes all day long, that isn’t always the most cost-effective solution. By directing your heat pump to run at allocated times during the day (like in the mornings before work and when you come home in the evenings), you will be further preventing a hole from forming in your wallet.


Safety first

Are you still not convinced a heat pump is for you? Maybe the safety benefits will convince you.

Portable heaters are high-wattage appliances, which means they have the potential of causing fires. Unlike heat pumps, these appliances should never be left unattended and many of them can’t be set on timers. Accidentally leaving a space heater on when you leave your home can result in serious, costly damages.

Electric blankets are also a favourite heating option in the winter. After all, who doesn’t love getting snuggled down into a warm bed during the colder season? But the potential risks electric blankets carry, like electrical fires and shocks, hardly make a toasty bed seem worth it.

While we can easily put a price on different heating options, it is difficult to put a price on the contents of your home and the safety of your family. Heat pumps aren’t just energy-efficient, they’re safe. Like any electrical appliance, they will need to be installed by a professional and need routine maintenance to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently. But unlike the other options out there, if you accidentally leave your heat pump on unattended, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is spending a bit more money on your power bill.


What about the summer?

We’ve talked a lot about the heating benefits of heat pump and how they compare to other heating elements. But there is one thing a heat pump can do that neither an electric blanket, a wood burner, or any other appliance you want to name can do: cool you down.

Heat pumps work as a ‘reverse cycle’, which means they can take hot air inside your home and filter it back outside, functioning just like an air conditioner.

If your current heating method is anything but a heat pump, get ready to get your wallet out. When the colder season is over, and you’ve turned off and packed away your portable heater, storing it to gather dust until winter rolls around again, you’re going to have to splash out some more money on an air conditioner or simply suffer through the heat.

When you purchase a heat pump, you’re getting a device that will keep you comfortable all year round. They don’t just save you money on bills. They save you from having to purchase and clutter your home with numerous appliances.


At This Is Electric, we can supply and install a heat pump from $2000. Contact us today and find out more about how New Zealand’s quietest heat pump can enhance your home.