An uncomfortable home usually means an unhealthy home. If you’re too cold or too hot, then your home is likely suffering as well. Not only that, but your wallet is probably also struggling.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution.

Heat pumps are the key to creating a warmer, drier, healthier home, which also means a happier you. But what exactly can a heat pump do for you and your home?


A healthier home

The main benefit of heat pumps is bringing warmth into homes. Many New Zealand homes experience cold. This can deteriorate the condition of the property and can also cause medical problems.

A heat pump’s fan will evenly distribute warm air better than other heating appliances, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment. And you’re in control of it.

While the debate around what temperature the house should be will always be a hot topic within families, a heat pump will at least make it easy for you to adjust the temperature to however you’d like.

Heat pumps even improve air quality. By circulating the air in the room, it simultaneously filters through clean air, removing dust, mould spores, and bad smells.

These appliances are also much safer than other heating options. There is always the potential risk for fire when you use gas heaters or wood burners. Heat pumps are safe and can even be left on through the night.


Heat pumps in the summer

While heating is a major benefit of heat pumps, they are versatile devices that are useful throughout the seasons.

Heat pumps function as “reverse cycle”. Besides heating, they can also take heat from the inside and transfer it back out, cooling homes.

This method of cooling also acts as a dehumidifying function for reducing condensation. If your property experiences condensation, this can cause dampness, leading to odour problems and mould, and in some severe cases, respiratory illnesses.

By using a heat pump year-round, it ensures the wellbeing of both the home and the occupants.


Cost efficiency

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their own home, but you also want to be comfortable with how much money is coming out of your wallet. Heat pumps satisfy both of these.

Out of all the methods for heating homes, heat pumps are the most energy-efficient. Since they don’t generate heat, only move it, they have a high ratio of heat to energy output. Other heating methods often result in higher electricity bills and won’t have a cooling option for the months outside the winter season.

Not using a heat pump will probably mean you have to buy other appliances to help stabilise your home’s temperature. Along with saving you money on your bills, heat pumps will also save you from having to purchase separate devices.

The increasing popularity of heat pumps is also beneficial to your wallet. By adding a heat pump to your home, you will be increasing your property’s value.


Heat pumps are the energy-efficient solution to a warmer, drier, healthier home.

At This Is Electric, we can supply and install heat pumps from $2,000 inclusive of GST. Get in touch with us to discuss adding a heat pump to your property.